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No matter what problem you’re facing, tough times happen to the best of us. Whether it’s financial trouble or just an overall bad day, finding positivity in a daunting situation is the key to overcoming it. It may be hard to look on the bright side, especially when things aren’t going as expected, but everything passes in time. If you need a boost of happiness to help you through the day, be sure to remember these things:


1. Accept it.


Although it may seem challenging to accept a negative situation, it’s your best bet in moving toward a resolution. You can’t change what already happened; you can only focus on how to improve the circumstances now.


2. Don’t waste time dwelling on it.


Dwelling on a problem can only make it bigger than it already is. Not only will you feel worse in the long run, but also, you’ll lose valuable time when you could be working toward a solution. Don’t let a bad situation get the best of you — take steps to let it go.


3. Don’t compare yourself to others.


According to a quote from Steven Furtick, "The reason why we struggle with insecurity isbecause we compare our behind the scenes with everyone’s highlight reel." When you’re struggling through a tough situation, comparing yourself is the last thing you should be doing. You have no idea what struggles another person could be going through, so instead of comparing, you should look at the happiness within yourself.

作家史蒂文·富蒂克说过:“大家缺少安全感,是由于大家一直拿自己不好的地方与其他人的长处对比。” 当你在艰难的环境里挣扎的时候,你最不该做的事儿就是和其他人比较。你根本不了解别的人正在历程哪种挣扎,所以与其比较,不如多关注一下我们的快乐。


4. Make a plan of action.


The best way to overcome a negative time is to be determined to find a way out of it. If you don’t like the way something is, do what you can in your power to change it. In financial situations, you can work on a budget and prioritize your cosplayts. In a fight with a loved one, you can take some time to cool down and amend things by talking it out.


5. Recognize positive things in your life.


While it may feel like your world is crashing around you, this rough time does not,ultimately, define your life. From family to being healthy, it’s best to recognize the positive things in your life. It definitely helps ease the pain of a negative situation.


6. Acknowledge you’re not alone.


Having a support system is essential for any tough moment. Family members, significant others, and best friends are the people you should confide in when going through a distressing time. These people are the ones who know you best and can give you advice from an outside perspective. Besides, it doesn’t hurt having someone you love and care for in your corner rooting you on.


7. Learn from it.


There’s always something to be learned from every experience you go through, good or bad. Take some time to reflect on the situation, how you reacted, and what you can do if you ever go through it again. Collecting all this knowledge could even help you avoid the situation in the future or assist a friend who is going through something similar.


8. Look to the future.


Now that all is said and done, it’s time to start looking ahead to the future. Leave the past behind you, and begin looking to a brighter tomorrow. Change begins and ends with you, and clinging to a past event won’t help alter it. Work on building a better future for yourself; it all starts with a positive mindset.


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